Thursday, October 22, 2020

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage - All Year Long

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is super close to my heart! In my opinion, we should be teaching our students about influential Hispanics all year long. Can you tell I love my culture and heritage? Today, I am sharing a few things and ideas that can help you celebrate Hispanic Heritage all year long! 


Lotería is a popular game played in Hispanic households. Have you ever played? It is a type of bingo with pictures and words that have become iconic over the years. Ask any Hispanic family about lotería, they probably know about it, own a set, and probably even have a t-shirt about it!!! Some of the pictures on the traditional lotería are not appropriate for the classroom. So imagine my excitement when I found a kid friendly version on Amazon. This Lil' Loteria is perfect for classroom use (pictures and words are kid friendly) PLUS it is bilingual. Such a great tool to build vocabulary in Spanish and English while having fun! You can see it on Amazon here with my affiliate link. 

Bilingual Loteria | Bilingual Bingo


You can use a variety of activities to teach or have students learn about influential Hispanics. I have created a bundle of activities that you can use all throughout the year and still be purposeful when teaching about these amazing Hispanic Leaders. 

Click on any of the titles above to see this resources or click HERE to see the bundle


There are a few videos I've used to introduce and review Hispanic Heritage. Click below to be taken to the videos on YouTube. There are so many more amazing videos, these are just a few of my favorites. 

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month | Disney Channel

Hispanic Heritage Month | Nick Jr.

Sesame Street Latino Festival


Thank you for reading this far! I hope you and your students have a great time celebrating influential Hispanic Leaders all year long. Click HERE to download FREE bookmarks featuring 8 different influential Hispanics.  These FREE bookmarks are exclusive to my blog readers. This means they are not available any where else! Enjoy!

Bilingual bookmarks

Don't forget to visit my TpT store HERE to see more activities for your bilingual classroom. Until next time friends! ¡Hasta luego!

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Linguacious Review & Giveaway

Welcome back friends! Linguacious sent over these goodies and I knew I had to share with you!

Personal note: I have a three year old and an 8 month baby that I am raising to be bilingual. There is so much research to support bilingualism and so many benefits of knowing more than one language. In order to do this, I need certain tools and resources.

Linguacious is one of the tools I use to support building vocabulary. I have previously used the flash cards and posters  and now they just added books to their amazing lineup! You can find them in over 30 languages.

So what are the benefits of using Linguacious?

I love that these resources are still tangible, as in an actual book and actual flashcards. BUT I also like that it incorporates QR code technology. So children are still flipping actual pages and playing with actual cards and then scanning the QR codes with a device and the Linguacious Application.

Another thing I like about Linguacious tools, is that they always use a native speaker for the correct pronunciation. So if I wanted my children to learn Arabic, I know I can depend on these tools for the correct pronunciation every time. For now, we'll just stick to Spanish, though!

The scanner app is such a seamless and easy way to incorporate technology and it is quick and easy to use. As soon as you scan the page or card, the Linguacious logo pops up and the audio begins. There is no lag or wait time. You definitely need the app. See it in action in my Instagram stories @mmbilingual.

Friends, I'd love for you to try out these products. Linguacious has kindly partnered with me to bring one of my followers: a FREE book and a FREE set of flashcards! Hop on over to my instagram @mmbilingual or CLICK HERE to enter this amazing giveaway.

Let me know your thoughts below. If you use Linguacious already, tell me too! Until next time, friends! XO