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Friday, October 16, 2015

Fluency Practice in SPANISH

Welcome back to my blog, friends! Today we are discussing Spanish reading fluency! As a second grade teacher, it is vital to have my students practice their fluency on a daily basis. At this point, they are still learning to read and are making the transition to reading to learn. It is common to see that most students who are struggling with fluency will most likely struggle with comprehension.

Therefore, practice is the key for building fluency. When I work with my fluency intervention groups, I target independent practice, small group activities, technology, and independent writing activities all using the fluency phrases below. Keep reading but make sure to subscribe to my email newsletter HERE. You will receive a FREE Spanish prefixes unit with a fluency sheet just for signing up and joining my email club! 

There are 80 phrases: 8 levels with 10 phrases each that the students practice and master to go to the next level. There is a lot of repetition and different types of practice for every learner.

PowerPoint slideshow: I like to use this during our breakfast time. As students are eating, I time the slideshow to project the phrases on the screen for daily practice. Trying to fit in as much as I can all in a day’s worth! :)

Flash cards: These are put on rings. I have all 80 in one ring for those students that can easily handle all the fluency phrases. I also have them divided by level for those that I want to practice a specific level.

Writing: I like to use these worksheets because I am targeting two skills in one: fluency and handwriting. I can easily slip these inside a sheet protector or dry erase sleeve to use over and over again!

Finally, the most important aspect of this fluency packet: assessment and progress monitoring. There is a student form, I only print one of these and enough copies of the checklist. I include a graph for students to monitor and color in their own progress. I test my students every 6 weeks, but also included a graph with more date slots just in case.

Head on over to my TPT store to download a PREVIEW of these activities and see if they are a fit for your students!

How do you target fluency in your classroom?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  Until next time friends!

1 comment:

  1. Hello I have a quick question, when the students read the words for fluency do they time themselves? If so how much time would be just the right time for a student to read each level? Thank you this is awesome!!