Monday, July 20, 2015

Word Work in Spanish

Hello friends! I am here to share my newest Word Work BUNDLE and how I use the activities in my classroom. I'd appreciate if you take a look and forward to any bilingual teacher that can benefit from these resources. There is also a FREEBIE for you at the end :)

First of all, this packet is a BUNDLE of my monthly word work packets. That means that by purchasing the bundle you are purchasing a whole year's worth of bilingual word work activities. Here are a few photos of the August/September Word Work SPANISH in use.

Each monthly unit ranges from 25 - 30 pages of activities. I place these in the folders shown below and my students work on them throughout the week. They work at their own pace, while I work with small groups at my guided reading table! These activities are relevant and keep my students engaged, working independently!

Click HERE for a FREE SAMPLE for you to download and try it out. Hope these save you some valuable planning time as we return back to school!

Purchase the BUNDLE HERE!



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