Thursday, July 16, 2015

Learn Like A Pirate - Chapter 7

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our "Learn Like A Pirate" Book Study hosted by The Primary Gal. Today we are talking about Twenty-First Century Skills in the classroom. Today we are focusing on teaching children how to think not what to think.

I loved reading the about the 11 categories and the 34 skills that can help students face daily challenges in life and school. I will share about two of my favorite.

*Reflection and Awareness
Since my students are young, I really want my 2nd graders to start reflecting and thinking about their thinking (metacognition). This upcoming school year I am thinking about incorporating a journal where they will record their learning. Later on, they can revisit this journal to see how their thought process developed. Another way I plan to incorporate Reflection and Awareness is by having short interviews where students ask each other questions about what they learned.

*Initiative and Self Direction
This past year, my 2nd graders managed their time really well. However, I do want my students to actually set and measure appropriate goals not just know how to be aware of time.

I made a graphic with the categories to have as a handy reference in my lesson plan binder.

Click the picture if you'd like to download your own copy. 

So what Twenty-First Century Skills are you already successfully using in your classroom? Which could you improve on? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you, Hilda, for the reference guide. Will be printing for my plan book. Second grade is a lovely place to be. Spent many years there. Currently in love with 4th graders!
    Happy Summer! D :)