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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sailing Into Summer Blog Hop

Hello everyone! I am happy to link up today for this Sailing Into Summer Blog Hop hosted by the wonderful Lauralee from The Language Arts Classroom and Julie from Faulkner’s Fast Five!!! Keep reading and m
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1)      1 final exam tip/idea

Testing can definitely be stressful and no fun at all. Students might be nervous, worried, excited, and everything in between. Something that works wonders is a simple treat wrapped up with a motivational message that shows students you believe in them. Check out these FREE treat tags ready to download and print. Just add the snack and you're ready to go!

2)      1 (classroom) thing you want to do again next year
Next year I plan on keeping my students desks organized by placing a strip of duct tape down the center (inside) for my two classes to keep their workbooks and journals separate. It worked like a charm this year, and I am happy to say most of the strips lasted the entire year, lol!

3)      1 (classroom) thing you want to change next year
I would love to finally organize my library. The picture below shows what it looks like when it's clean! I would love to organize it by level, topic, or author (not sure which yet). I have a lot to think about and try over the summer. 

4)      1 gift idea for coworkers
Using inspiration from Pinterest, the best gift idea for coworkers would be school supplies! As a teacher, there is always a dire need for these: post-its, Mr. Sketch markers, flair pens, and pencils. Throw them all in a cute basket with a ribbon and voilà! 

5)      1 (classroom) organization tip
USE labels, folders, binders, and dividers!!!! Keep student information sheets, 504's, RtI information, attendance, substitute emergency plans, assessment copies, and even extra class rosters on hand. Start planning now for the beginning of next year. The more you plan now, the less stressful the beginning of next school year will be!

Check out the blogs below for more Sailing Into Summer teaching ideas!!
Happy summer everyone!!!

1 comment:

  1. Your library looks awesome! Thanks for joining us!
    - Julie