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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Learn Like a Pirate - Chapter 1

Hello there! Amidst the exhausting end of the year and beginning of summer school, I'm here linking up with The Primary Gal's summer book study. My goal this summer is to be productive in my own professional development, and what better way than to collaborate and learn from a group of amazing bloggers?! Now, I would like to share some interesting quotes and my favorite "a-ha" moments from Chapter 1. 

Chapter 1 asks the question, "What is a student-led classroom?" 

I thought and thought about this question and came up with my own defintion:
- A student led classroom is one where the teacher collaborates with the students in their learning.
-A student-led classroom prepares students with the skills needed for the real world. 

So those were my first few thoughts on what a student-led classroom is. However, let me share a quote from Paul Solarz that really defines the essence of a student-led classroom: 

"Everyone in the classroom appears to have equal power and equal say in 
what happens, although everyone understands that the teacher's word is final." 

A student led classroom is deeply engaged in meaningful lessons. Students know how to manage conflict. Students make decisions without consulting the teacher. The classroom is structured with a mini-lesson, collaborative work, and a reflective aspect. The curriculum that is needed to be taught stays the same; however, the method of delivery is the one changing. 

I want to achieve that in my classroom. I want my students to feel that family atmosphere, to be able to manage conflict, and to be deeply involved in their learning. Now here's a "Wowza!!!" part. He accomplishes this student-led classroom 2-3 weeks into the school year! I can imagine what a role routines and procedures play in the classroom to have this amazing environment so soon at the beginning of the year.  I am hooked and ready to learn!!

Finally, one of my favorite quotes so far, "When children feel happy and safe at school, they're willing to work hard for their teachers. And hard-working students are what it's going to take to create a successful student-led classroom!"

This upcoming year, I will have my 2nd graders all to myself. No more team teaching for this girl! I am eager to create a student-led classroom with my kiddos :)  Before you go, make sure to subscribe to my email newsletter HERE. You will receive a FREE prefixes unit just for signing up and joining my email club!

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  1. I look forward to your future posts Hilda! Thanks for participating in the "Learn Like a PIRATE" book study!!! :)

  2. I'll be curious to know if not team teaching allows you to create a better environment for learning. We are currently departmentalized at my school and while I see so many pros, I also feel that I can't connect with my kids as deeply as in a self-contained room. Thanks for linking up, Hilda! :)