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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Prefixes and Suffixes in the Bilingual Classroom

Hello friends!!! I am back today to talk about prefixes and suffixes in the bilingual classroom and how I teach my kiddos about this word strategy. Keep reading there is a FREEBIE just for you :) 

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First of all, I begin with a hands on sliding activity. I write three words on a sentence strip leaving space between each word. With another sentence strip, I cut a piece and fold to make it into a pocket that can slide through the sentence strip. On this pocket piece, I write the prefix or suffix we are focusing on for that lesson. Students read the three words on the sentence strip, then slide the pocket piece along and read the same words BUT with the prefix or suffix. We discuss how the base word changed and what the prefix/suffix means.

Next, students use the Prefixes/Suffixes Mat with post its to fill in the chart as we practice different words and their meanings. I provide a root word, prefix/suffix, then they write the meaning of the new word. This is a quick and easy practice you can do small/whole group. You can even use these for interventions. I like to glue a copy of this mat to their interactive journal inside covers that way they are always handy and ready to review. Click here to download this FREEBIE!

Other options:
-use a dry erase marker
-print multiple mats per page to use as exit tickets
-enlarge to poster size and have students go to the board and fill out

Students will read through the 20 words and find the prefix/suffix the particular page focuses on. They color in the words they found with the prefix/suffix. After finding the words, they will select one word to create a sentence. Quick and easy prefixes and suffixes review for your kiddos.

Click here for a FREE page just for you my loyal blog readers!!!
The whole pack includes:
-6 prefixes pages (re-, des-, in-, i-, im-, pre-)
-4 suffixes pages (-mente, -ción, -ero/-era, -oso/osa)

**Prefijos Interactive BUNDLE**
After engaging students in different meaningful activities, I like to use anchor charts and interactive notebook pages to gauge their learning. Below is my Prefijos Interactive Bundle which can help you review and assess prefixes. Students love creating their interactive pages and then showing all they've learned through the assessments on each prefix.

BUNDLE includes 4 units (im-, re-, pre-, des-). Each unit includes:
-anchor chart
-brainstorm page
-2 interactive notebook pages
-matching game

Here's a sneak peek at a few pages from one of the units:

I hope this post has been helpful and provided you with many ideas to teach prefixes/suffixes. What has worked for you? Feel free to leave me a comment below, I'd love to read about how you tackle this word strategy with your kiddos! XOXO, until next time friends!

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**Note: I hope to have a Sufijos Interactive Bundle soon :) Follow my store to receive updates when it's posted.

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  1. I love the hands on activities! These lesson ideas can easily be adapted to use in the regular classroom as well. Thank you for the great ideas!