Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Activities K-2

Hello friends! Welcome back to this month's K-2 I Teach Linky. I am very excited to be joining my fellow blogger friends to share spectacular ideas with our readers. Be sure to read all the way to the end to grab a FREEBIE and enter our giveaway!!!

This month I am sharing a few ideas about my favorite time of the year.....SUMMER!!! Summer is the perfect time to recharge and prepare for an exciting new school year! During summer the days can drag on by with nothing to do. Do not fret, I have a quick and easy solution for those days with nothing to do. Simply print these "Summer Activities" wheels and use them at home with your own kids.

Since I don't have kids YET (due in August with my first), I print these out and hand out to my wonderful students. They LOVE assembling them and then reading through activities they can look forward to in the summer. What's best is that I have them in English and Spanish for those who need the bilingual version to send home!

Need more summer freebies??? Find my FREE Summer Bingo HERE.
Want to send home meaningful work students can work on independently? Check out my Bilingual Summer BUNDLE HERE

Now head on over to read more ideas perfect for this time of the year! Hope you enjoy them and don't forget to enter into our giveaway for a chance to win a TpT giftcard. Until next time friends! XOXO

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  1. Absolutely love this idea!!! Printing this out for my daughter. I know she will love it :) Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Thanks for this activity! Have a great summer waiting for your new arrival!

  3. Hilda,
    What a great idea. I'm going to pass this idea on to a teacher friend who is getting ready to teach summer school. I think it would make a fun activity for her students.
    First Grade Schoolhouse

  4. Love these summertime activities! Will definitely be trying them out... Thanks!

  5. Thank you for sharing these great ideas. I love that it's in English AND Spanish so that I can send home to bilingual parents